“Accomplishment precedes a strong desire to achieve it”. We live in an advanced age of civilization wherein the most important tool which differentiates the developed and the under developed nations is Education. In order to rise as a technologically advanced nation we need to put a larger emphasis on Education. I firmly believe in the fact that all humans must understand the purpose of our creation, which is to understand God Almighty through His creations and wonders that are everywhere to be witnessed. Blessed are those who serve and dedicate their lives to undertake research to make the lives of fellow human beings comfortable.

The BSS ethos is not different from the core objective of human creation. The purpose of establishing BSS is to provide a platform to all those young talented brains a base from where they could pick up the right path to serve the humanity. We at BSS aim to achieve this goal through providing a congenial, enabling and encouraging learning environment to our students so that they would unleash their hidden potentials, work on them, polish them and graduate out to become productive citizens of the society.

It is a long, enduring and painstaking slow process but we are determined to achieve what we intend to within a couple of years through the combined hard work put in by the teachers as well as the students alike. I must take this opportunity to congratulate all the students for the hard work they have undertaken so far and to their teachers and all other staff members who have left no stone unturned to make the BSS dream come true. Let me also share my sincerest gratitude to all the Board Members and the local stakeholders who have worked very hard to bring BSS to a stage from where I can see it growing into a reputed learning institution.

 I would like to convey this message to the students that there is no other way out than to work hard. Success and failure is in the hands of God, One should feel pride in the efforts he/she makes. Remember my dear students’ hard work never goes waste. This is your opportunity to build a bright future for yourself and your families.

I am fully confident that the academic staff under the able leadership of the Principal will continue to deliver the best they could. We at BSS continuously strive to provide the best support possible to the academic staff. We are proud of the BSS family.

Last but not the least, it gives me immense pleasure to announce that by the end of August the state of the art newly constructed College building will be operational. This would be another milestone for BSS to achieve as in a short span of a year and a half we will be housed in our own building. I congratulate the whole BSS team on the completion of the building.

Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Adnan Zain