The BSS Proposition

The story of the Brilliance School of Studies Kosht began in the early 60s when a retired Chitral Scout Officer grouped together with a few elders of the area and built a building for a school on self-help basis. They offered that to the Education Department of the then NWFP authorities to start a Govt. School. What was the reason behind such a generosity? Most probably they had realized by that time that without education no development would ever take place in such a remote area as Kosht and Morder (Our two native villages).   This was the beginning of a life long struggle to promote education in the area. This visionary man happened to be the grandfather of the MD BSS. This was the legacy, which we inherited from our elders as when we grew up together in a large combined family, we saw education as the most important agent of change in the lives of the people of our area.  We had always wanted to be the part of something bigger than ourselves. We believed that whether all the education that we will be receiving could in any way provide benefit and peace to the society? Since then it became the collective ultimate goal to work for the welfare of the society and to make our contribution to make this area socially, economically and educationally sustainable.


The native towns we live in offer many physical and intellectual challenges for human resource development and mental growth of students. It was then way back in mid nineties we initiated a Youth Welfare Society, which aimed to mobilize the youth of our area in order to take part in productive and healthy sports and other social activities. That was the humble beginning of our era-the age of youth development and from that moment on the young lot of our native towns started playing a very positive role in building a tolerant society. We aimed at building a community which should be cooperative, non biased and should help us all through collective efforts to promote education. Keeping that idea in mind the MD of BSS Kosht, who was instrumental in majority of the education and welfare projects, had long been realizing the importance of quality education at affordable costs and how could it be provided to the youth of the society. He was thinking of a possible way out to this big problem. There was only one possible solution he could think of at that time and that was to establish a college in the area.  This is how the story of BSS Kosht unfolded. The college started in a rented building, which was of course a humble beginning. By the grace of Allah Almighty today we have certainly achieved what was a distant dream a few years back. BSS believes in quality, equality, dedicated hard work and a shared determination to achieve its long-term objectives. We believe that sooner than later BSS Kosht will be the unanimous choice of students and parents alike should there be a support from all stakeholders.  The BSS management wants everyone in the area to own it and with all the prayers and best wishes of our elders and well wishers we will Insha’Allah achieve this goal.  BSS Shines!


Do the hard work, speak the truth, be honest and Helpful, be the Change Agent


A world-class academic institution to be the premium source of education, training, and economic growth by developing highly competent, value-driven talented individuals


The mission of BSS Kosht is to provide innovative educational environment, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper

Core Values

  • Being student-centered and collegial
  • Giving our best professionally
  • Upholding Integrity, Intellect, Excellence, and Creativity
  • Appreciate the diversity of backgrounds and strengths
  • Embracing Change