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Focusing upon the students as future leaders and ambassadors of the world, BSS Kosht is striving to provide rigorous curriculum which aims not only at the academic development of students but also at building their skills and character. The variant subjects aligned with national curriculum are taught with innovative approach while considering their practical application in the local and international scenarios.

This understanding exalts me that I am the pioneer Principal of BSS Kosht. It was a challenging task for me to run a new institute with young graduates as staff members. Alhamdulillah today we have put BSS at the right track. . This success could not have been achieved without the support, commitment and dedication of my team members.

Furthermore, it is a journey with a vision to be the world-class institution providing innovative educational environment for the people of all regions at affordable cost. It is a unique institution with a different vision, mission and objectives. It is hoped that due to all the efforts which have so far been put in, it will arise as one of the most aspiring institution in future. BSS Kosht is a student centered and quality oriented institute and it aims to produce such individuals who develop themselves in all aspects of life.

I have a firm belief that today’s youth is a source of change, development and prosperity. We believe in merit, quality and standard, and have in place a strict internal and external assessment mechanism. We call it holistic development tool and it provides us a comprehensive result, as we are not only focusing upon academic excellence but also the moral, social and spiritual growth of the individuals