Date:December 10, 2015


Imran Memorial Talent Hunt Scholarship

and fee discounts

BSS Khosht also offers scholarships to high achievers to encourage young talent and hard work. The scholarship is awarded in two categories i.e. 2500 will be awarded to those students who score above 70% and 5000 will be awarded to those who score above 75%. They will have to maintain their good grades throughout the year so that they could continue on getting the scholarship failing to do so their scholarship will be discontinued or be made partial. Moreover, policy is one under which talented, deserving, siblings and special students will get scholarships. Scholarship will also be given to the students having low financial background and/ Or for those of having no means at all to support their studies. This remission will be given as per the school’s policy. In addition, scholarship for siblings will be given according to the KPK education policy. Similarly, specific policy will be developed in terms of giving scholarship to those students who are physical challenged or who have special educational needs in order to ensure the inclusion of each and every student in the college. In order to promote gender equality a special prize of 5000 will be awarded under the title “Girl of the year” to the top performer female student based upon academic as well as co-curricular achievements. This award will be given to the graduating students only.

BSS star

One of the aims of BSS Kosht is to acknowledge the work of students and encourage them to be the brilliant students throughout the country and abroad. In order to encourage the students, BSS kosht has introduced a unique component called BSS star. This title will be given to those students who show outstanding performance in their studies. The award is not limited to BSS students only. It also includes all the schools and colleges located in the jurisdiction of UC Kosht. This title will also be given to those students who qualify entry tests in different premium institutions including professional colleges throughout the country. The title will be in the form of appreciation shield having the name BSS star.

BSS Assist

The BoD has decided to launch a program of scholarship (other than the already existing ones) wherein 3 thop scores in Matric exams from each school in UC Kosht can get admission at BSS by not paying any fee now (provided that they secure at least 80% marks). They will have to repay the exact cost of study at BSS (excluding then personal expenses) once they either start a job or after completing a Masters degree whichever comes first. All these applicants who would apply to any other scholarships are ineligible to apply for BSS Study Assist as by policy one applicant can avail only one scholarship. Those who would avail the Study Assist scholarship will have to maintain their grades (at least 80%) in their monthly exams, failing to which they will no more be entitled to receive this very scholarship


Women Empowerment:

For any/all 2016 admissions at BSS Kosht, all girl/female applicants will be eligible to get a 10% discount on their monthly fee provided that they score at least 70% marks in matric and shall maintain it in their college studies at BSS. A performance assessment of these students will take place after every 3 months (based upon academic scores mainly). If these students are unable to maintain the grades they will no more be able avail the 10% discount.


Apart from the above mentioned student discount BSS Kosht is currently providing free education to 2 female students on need basis.