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Fee structure



  1. a. Admission Fee                           Rs.2000/ Part-1
  2. b. Tuition Fee                                 Rs.1500/Month (Science)

Rs.1200/Month (Humanities)

  1. c. Examination Fee                        As per Board rules
  2. d. Sports                                         Nil
  3. e. Fine, etc                                     As per policy
  4. security deposit                         1000



Admission fee               Rs.3000

Tuition fee                     Rs. 25000 (lump sum payment at the time of admission)



  1. Admission Fee 2500/-Part-I
  2. Tuition Fee 1700/m-(BSC)


  1. Examination Fee As per University rules
  2. Sports Nil
  3. Security if any              2000
  4. Fine                                           As per the rules and regulations of the institution


Fee recovery policy


The tuition and other fee except Board/ University fee has been established by the Board of Directors of the institute at a level that will enable BSS Kosht to provide a quality education for students at a price that is affordable to all. All dues must be paid in advance as and when notified. A student, who fails to pay his/her dues by the notified date, will be charged late fee fine at the rate of 1% per day as per policy. If any student fails to pay his/her dues for one month without any intimation, his/her name will be struck off from the college roll. Tuition fee will be charged from every student for twelve months for one full session. The fee shall be paid by the students in advance before the 5th of every month.

No student will be allowed to appear in the board/ university examination unless he/she clears all outstanding college/ university dues.