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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is the top most honorary setup which BSS has, comprising experienced and key professionals from within Chitral who have gained respect and fame for their professional abilities and leadership skills in their own fields of work. The AC meets quarterly and discusses the few years of BSS in the light of its on going performance. It also looks at any bottlenecks which may be hampering the growth and advices on remedial measures. The advisory committee does not have a mandate to interfere in the day-to-day operations of the institution rather they play a strategic role in guiding the institution towards achieving its short term and long term goal.


The Committee comprising the following individuals:

  1. Dr. Tariqullah Khan

Director Research (DFU Doha Qatar)


  1. Prof. Dr. Inayatullah Faizi

(Intellectual, Columnist, retired educationist)


  1. Dr. Mir Afzal Tajik

(Director AKU-IED)


  1. Prof. Saeedullah Jan

(Retired Educationist)


  1. Brig. Retd. Khush Mohammad Khan?

(GM – AKES,P Chitral)


  1. Mir Shah Karaz Khan

(Community Development Specialist. Community Based Education Expert)


  1. Prof. Retd. Humayun Roomi

(Retired Educationist)


  1. Dr. Saad Muluk

(Medical Doctor / Volunteer Worker)


  1. Mr. Mukkaram Shah